Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Lens Correction tool-Photoshop CS5

There is an extraordinary new tool in the new Adobe products: Lens Correction. The canned profiles will NOT help with issues related to Tilt/Shift lenses except in a generic sense (no profiles are supplied, but you may be able to create some that would be helpful at different degrees of shift say), because the problems occur differently at each shift or tilt point ie there are an infinite number of issues and solutions per lens. However, the new lenses are so good that they have few problems like barrel or mustache distortion and what problems existed were easy to correct in CS4 Distort (which I prefer over the old Lens Correction) and should be easier still in the new CS5 Lens Correction.

Adobe® Lens Profile Creator

The new 24mm T/S II is dramatically superior to the old one and with the 1.5 tele-extender makes a great 35mmT/S too. What did I do with the old one? I donated it and my Olympus 35mmPC to the school I teach at, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, so my students have access to functional lenses for architecture.


  1. Hi Kirk. Firstly, thanks for taking the time to write this blog. I appreciate the effort in communicating your insights, techniques and link sharing. In response to this post, is there a possible part 2 in which you share how using a t/s, angled down 8 degrees, helps give the illusion of greater depth of field? I'm guessing on the degrees, as I do not as yet own a t/s. Could a statement be made such as, 'if you're stuck at f/13 due to diffraction but angle your t/s by this amount, it'll look like you're at f/22' or some such thing?
    Thank you sir,

  2. i think i commented on the wrong post. sorry.


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