Monday, August 9, 2010

Ed Ranney's "New World Landscapes" at the Denver Art Museum

There's allot to see right now in Denver, Henry Moore's superb sculptures at the Denver Botanical Garden, King Tut at the Denver Art Museum........all magic.

But my favorite was the Ed Ranney, large format b&w photography, show at the Denver Art Museum.  Traditional silver prints from 5x7 negatives, Ed's pristine images of archeological sites in Latin America was the highlight of my trip. Archeology sites are near and dear to my own aesthetic, partly because of the inspiration that Ed has given me for some 30 plus years.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Simply for the love of Architecture-Gehry in Las Vegas

Cleveland Clinic: Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health by Frank Gehry. Enough said-let the camera do the talking....a few shots in a 15 minute walk around with a hand held 24 T/S lens.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sinar creates adapter to mount DSLRs as digital backs

Sinar p-slr review

It maybe useful for some studio applications, but IMO for architecture it takes a very versatile tool (a full frame DSLR with T/S lenses) and turns it into an expensive boat anchor. Cambo and Arca have similar offerings. Sinar

To quote Christopher Barrett, a leading architectural photographer:  "These are cool and all, I have one for my Arca, but they have a lot of limitations, namely the use of wide lenses. Maybe you could use wide Medium Format lenses, since they have a retrofocus design, but if you are going to use a view camera, why settle for lenses that are not quite as sharp as Rodenstock and Schneider's just so you can put a dslr on?"
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