Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lighting gear

Someone asked;
"How about just providing descriptions of all of the available equipment options that might get used for lighting control for architectural photography, and then some examples of kits that prominent APs bring for different purposes? I am not just talking about the lights themselves, but a complete description of the available tools of the trade and their uses."

I wish I had that broad of experience. But I have been using basically the same kit for 30 years-except I added Pocket Wizards a few years ago. I'm simply not qualified nor do I have the time to put together such a list. Also  the schools I teach at have basically similar equipment except different brands.

I use:
2 Norman 800w Power-packs
4 Norman 2000w Power-packs
8 heads
2 Canon Speedlights
maybe 8 light stands from floor to about 12" in height
numerous Light Disks for bouncing light
Numerous umbrellas for "throwing" the light
4 Lowell Tota Lights-halogen
2 Lowell Omni Lights-halogen
Gels to convert them to daylight
Black sheets for killing reflections and ambient light.
White sheets for filtering daylight
Full set of Pocket Wizards for slaving strobes
Traditional slaves and sync cord for back up
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