Monday, April 12, 2010

Bill Schwab's Vision

While at the New England Large Format Photography Collective symposium last week where I was presenting on my work and leading a shooting session to the old Harford City Hall (see below), I had the opportunity to meet (and be photographed in Wet Plate Collodion!) an artist who work I have loooong admired, Bill Schwab of Detroit. Bill has IMO one of the more elegantly personal visions around and produces prints of startling simplicity, elegance and beauty. Though not architectural photography by and large, he's mainly a landscape photograher-anyone can enjoy and learn from his unique vision. Bill Schwab Photographs

A fine portrait of me in Wet Plate Collodion he did while at the conference. 
FYI, Wet Plate Collodion is an antique photographic process invented in about 1850.

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