Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Equipment News-Two New Tilt/Shift Lenses from Canon!

Great news for architectural photographers who use full frame Canon bodies. Canon just announced two new tilt/shift lenses, an improved 24mm and a mind blowing 17mm. These promise improved performance over the old 24mm (with better corner resolution, more shift capability and a rotating tilt mechanism) and add a new 17mm tilt/shift weapon to the arsenal. There has never been a tilt/shift with that wide of an angle of view ever (except on view cameras of course, but that is another discussion). This is perhaps a truly revolutionary lens. See: DPReview and Canon

Now, students of mine know that I am not a big fan of extreme wide angle lenses for architecture-just to much exaggeration of perspective, near far distortion and stretching of near elements (like tables etc.). Many of my clients have voiced the same reservations about images made with super wide lenses. So I am most enthusiastic about the new 24 as that lens is my 90% lens. See: Lens Selection

Darn, I was hoping to get through the year without investing in new equipment. If independent tests confirm the press on this new 24, I will have to have one.

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