Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Equipment News-New Compact Pocket Wizard

New Pocket Wizards
Are you a Pocket Wizard fan? I use the Plus IIs for remote firing my strobes. They work well enough, but are rather big and bulky. So you just finished a complex strobe lit interior and are thinking of the next view. If you are like I am and you like to dismount your camera from the tripod and walk around framing your next shot, then you will appreciate the compactness of the new MINI TTL, which will sync up from your Canon hot shoe without a sync cord (and other improvements too)! Possibly a nice ergonomic upgrade. The only drawback I can see? It does not use AA batteries like my Plus IIs (which in a pinch you can find at any nearby convenience store), but they had to make some compromises to get the size this small.

I bought one today (8/27/09)-the MiniTTL mainly for a more compact transmitter than the big PlusII unit on the camera to fire my Norman strobes in architectural interiors. It is tiny in comparison. Works great for that, though the trigger range is smaller than the PlusIIs (800-1200 ft vs. 1600 ft). I have not tested yet the advanced features like the higher shutter speed sync. When I do I will post my impressions, though I rarely need higher shutter speeds.

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