Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Changing Aesthetics in AP

See this article: Photographic Greenwashing. It closely follows some of my thinking lately in trying to understand what my clients, particularly magazines, are having a difficult time articulating.


  1. The website "Unhappy Hipsters" takes "Dwell"and Dwell-like photos and turns them into smart-alec commentaries on both the "Dwell" style and the general style of design the magazine promotes. Personally, I think the photos selected for this purpose are the less successful ones for the purpose they were originally intended for, and thus are excellent fodder for this kind of treatment.

    In any case, I am not quite certain where you or the author of the article you cite want to go with this changing aesthetic you are talking about. Perhaps some photos would be more useful than any number of words.

    Are you suggesting a looser style? I have been thinking that the high quality and high ISO capability of modern dslrs might be used to expand the style of architectural photography, perhaps even leading to more (gasp) hand-held shooting to capture more spontaneous situations that involve movement, i.e. not just the " Dwell" style of a fairly formal architectural composition with perhaps a motion-blurred figure included. This might go so far as to merge into the genre of editorial photography, where more types of photographic distortions might be acceptable, or might still retain some of the formal elements of architectural photography while letting others go a bit. What about some kind of architectural street photography? A nighttime streetscape with a hand-held shift lens at ISO 3200 anyone?


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