Monday, December 7, 2009

No more Olympus 35PC...

My new Canon 24 T/S II is a significant improvement over the old one....real comparison test to is worth every penny.....but also ..... on a related note. Rainer V. mentioned in a Luminous Landscape thread that the new 24T/S worked well with the Canon EX 1.4xII extender (which I already owned). Indeed it does by my tests. It creates, a what, 32mm lens? I have always carried an Olympus 35 PC with a Canon lens mount to cover that mid range between the 24 and 45. The Olympus is a pretty good little lens, but the Canon 24 T/S II with the extender surpasses it in terms of resolution, CA and shift range. So I will no longer carry my little Olympus 35PC, but use the extender, which I already carried to extend my long zoom lens, on the new 24 instead. Sweet.

The extender is smaller, lighter and only about $300 from B&H vs.$500+ for a mint copy of the Olympus 35PC.

Check out how these new lenses compare favorably with even a MF system.

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  1. I just picked up a Contax Zeiss PC Distagon T* 35mm and it's stellar. Not much larger than a regular 35 I have been able to get a conservative 7700 pixel width from a 5DII. There were 2 on Ebay I snagged one ($1700). They are rare but can be found. I've been looking for a way to generate panoramic with 2 frames and this lens is perfect for landscape.

  2. I picked up a Contax/Zeiss PC T* Distagon 35 that is very nice. I am using it with a 5DII. It's a fairly rare lens but there were two of them for auction recently and I purchased a mint copy for $1700. Here is the official specification.

    So far it has proven to be a classic Zeiss offering. Great color rendition and sharp as a tack.

  3. Yes that is a rare lens. I never bothered to even look for one it was so rare. I wonder how it stacks up to the Olympus or the 24 T/S II with the converter?


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