Thursday, September 3, 2009

New comments in thread on "DSLRs in the BIG City"

Bump. There is a bit more discussion in this thread if you haven't been back to it since the beginning.

DSLRs in the BIG City

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  1. Kirk,
    I am distressed to hear that someone as established as you is also struggling in these bleak times. I am a small time local freelancer and I am really feeling the pressure. Every niche I used to count on is way off. High end real estate and building is almost non-existent. Artists that I used to do portfolio work for are not selling so they are not shooting new work. I used to get regular work from my local university but their funding has been slashed. It is definitely tough out here right now.

    Photographers are reeling from the double whammy. Not only are we experiencing the effects of the recession but the industry in general has been undergoing a transformation that is redefining how images are captured, delivered, marketed and (de)valued. Wow my head is spinning just thinking about it. We certainly are living through interesting times.


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