Thursday, August 27, 2009

Polaroid's Demise

Polaroid's ongoing demise reflected in the recent hubbub surrounding the sale of their photography collection, got me thinking about what a great asset they were to photographers over the years. See Polaroid

Michael T. pointed out recently "Miraculously Polaroid film and instant cameras are being resurrected by the last team and factory in Europe. Check out:". This is potentially very good news, we will have to see whether the new products fit the needs of photographers.

In the late 80's I received an National Endowment of the Arts grant to photograph historic churches in New Mexico. It was a very worthy large scale documentation project of about 600 historic, largely Hispanic, Catholic churches in Northern New Mexico. The NEA grant was not going to nearly cover all my expenses. One of my sponsors was Calumet who was loaning me a substantial amount of equipment and giving me photographic paper for the project. Realizing my additional need they also recommended me to Polaroid Artist Support Program who supplied me with instant films for proofing and the what we affectionately called Fujiroid (4×5 Fuji transparency films in Polaroid sleeves-the original readyload) for the duration of the project. Their help was crucial to the success of the project and I will be forever thankful to them for their help.

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