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Nikon PC lens to Canon EOS body adapter etc.

Dear Kirk,
Thank you for all the information that you are sharing, I am starting as an architectural photographer here in the far east and now spending a lot of time shooting in India. I am a keen follower of your blog and other writings and am also inspired by your body of work.

I have a query that i hope you can help me with. Currently I am shooting with a D700 and have 3 lenses, 14-24, 24-70 & 70-200, I also recently acquired the 24PCE Nikkor which i seem to be using almost 80% of the time. D700 being 12mp, 4256 x 2832 pixel at 300 dpi is only 14.19" x 9.44" print size, I shoot for architectural firms that have intentions of publishing coffee table books in future and I am concerned that my files sizes may not be sufficient. Hence, I am considering getting the 5dM2 (I cant afford the D3x unless a D700x is on its way) and adapting the Nikkor 24PCE to work on the 5Dm2, firstly will this work? Secondly do you think this is a good idea? I would love to hear your comments. Thanks H

H Thanks for the question,
IMO s 21-24 megapixel camera is ideal for all periodical work. It covers a double page spread without uprezing. So theoretically your idea is sound BUT the adapter you need (to put the nikkor T/S on a Canon EOS body) has not been made far as I know. The mount on the Nikon 24 PC E is totally electronic with no mechanical aperture connection. This leaves you with no way to control the aperture when used on a Canon. I heard someone was working on an adapter, but I have never seen it in production. So either wait for the Nikon 700x 20+ MP body or go completely Canon (using their new 24 T/S which I have not been able to test yet). Understand I have been carefully using a current Canon 24 T/S for all my professional work for a couple of years now with zero complaints from print clients (book, magazine or any other clients and publication of my work has skyrocketed the last few of years.) . BUT I want more quality and if the new lens is all it is cracked up to be, I will buy it.

Dear Kirk,

Thanks for your insight. I could close the diaphragm of the 24PCE on my D700 and set the aperture manually with the aperture ring control on the 5Dm2 but that would mean only stop down metering like the old Nikon 28PC. Going completly canon seems a bit difficult for me since i have so many Nikon glasses. I too have used the 24T/S on a 1DSM2 earlier and a PC24Oly adapted on the same canon. I find the Nikkor 24PCE much much better at handling CA when shifted majorly and also find the lens to be sharper. I havent come across the new Canon 24 T/s. If only i can borrow a 5Dm2 i could test the nikkor before spending the $$$..

Regarding Uprezing, is it better to do this using GFractals or within ACR while opening a Raw file? Can one save an uprezed file in Gfractals to a high res tiff image that can be handed over to Clients?
Do you still shoot film? I occasionally still take my 4x5 walker along for some key shots> i have been exploring MF options but the digital backs together with the digitar lenses seem really to expensive at this point...

Thanks once again!

H, Trying to use a lens in that manner on a job would be painful IMO. The Nikon is better than the current Canon by my tests, but not dramatically so (see also Canon vs. Nikon). If I was buying into a new system I would wait to see what the new Canon is like (see also New Canon Lenses). As far as uprezing goes, I used to use Genuine Fractals for uprezing. I haven't found it necessary so far wit the 21MP Canon 5D MII. By my tests GF is slightly better than using ACR and yes you can save 16 bit tiffs from GF. see also Genuine Fractals

I do still shoot 4x5 b&w film in a Phillips (great camera, similar in design to the Chinese Chamonix which ripped Dick Phillips off) for art prints, but never for commercial work anymore. I love the tradition!


Folks are starting to report excellent performance with the new Canon 24mm tse 2:

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  1. Folks are starting to report excellent performance with the new Canon 24mm tse 2:


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