Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When Do MegaPixels Matter?

Simple, when the native resolution output of your camera is smaller than the application you need it for. The ideal? No uprezzing (if you have to I like Genuine Fractals). Uprezzing introduces artifacts and requires additional sharpening to get the file to appear sharp. All of which may be acceptable, I have done it for years, but not ideal. For example for magazines, I need 300 DPI for a given reproduction size. BUT in terms of submitting, when I do not know how they will be used, I need to submit for the largest possible usage which is a horizontal double page spread, approx. 10"x16". See the Su Casa cover example in the "Getting Published-Magazine Covers" post.
That is a typical magazine usage with some generous cropping to get the composition right for their purposes. That image was made with a 5D and the file was delivered with a 20% uprezz in Genuine Fractals (with a 21MP 5DII that would be unnecessary saving me some comuter time on all magazine shoots).

******in progress******

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