Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Iwan Baan wins the first Julian Schulman Prize


  1. Interesting article, more of a photo journalist than and actual architectural photographer in my eyes, maybe I'm missing something? Great images all the same, with an obvious architectural back drop, hardly the stuff of large format camera shooters like Tim Griffith though!

  2. I shot LF exclusively for architecture for 25+ years. If you haven't noticed the field is changing (like it or not) and IB is perhaps the most heralded example of new trends.

    1. Fair points, and he certainly does bring something different to the party which is refreshing, loved his website, do you reckon the days of large format disciplined architectural shooting are numbered though? I only know a couple shooting LF in Scotland, and while the field is changing, like everything else it goes through fads and fashions, swings and roundabouts,which is what keeps it interesting, but I sincerely hope that doesn't make certain practices extinct! Great post Kirk, made me think a lot about what's going on!!

  3. All the top AP's I know (and I know a ton of them all over the world) shoot digital with tech cameras or DSLRs with T/S lenses. Digital opens up allot of new techniques. I could never meet my deadlines if I had to shoot film and scan it. On a big shoot that would ad 10 days to my turn around time. Film is not coming back for AP except for personal projects.

  4. Not so much film Kirk, I was referring to AP's using large format cameras with MF backs!


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