Monday, July 25, 2011

RMKM's Isleta Pueblo project.

Recent image from the last weeks shooting-RMKM's stunning new Isleta tribal headquarters south of Albuquerque. Shooting on the edge of storms is risky-you might do all the set up and be skunked. On the other hand sometimes you get superb images.

FWIW. This image is a flat stitch on a 5DMII and a 24 T/S. We were battling a rapidly descending storm preceded by a very angry wind. We extensively lit the interior of the building in front (tribal council chambers) with halogens and also painted the tops of the pipe structure with halogen too. AND and a fair amount of PSing to add lights on the buildings in the rear that were not working.

On the edge of storms....this is when you get great images.

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