Friday, June 24, 2011

The expense of shooting digital?

I love shooting film in view cameras and still do it for my personal work. From a subscribers post a point was made about how cheap traditional film and camera equipment is compared to digital. What got me to change? I was probably the last AP in my area to switch to digital from 4x5 and film. My camera was 50 years old and still performing fine! All my 4x5 equipment was long paid for and still very functional. Three things finally got me to switch. First we lost our only local lab. Second the scanning workflow was dreadfully long. I couldn't meet tight deadlines. A part of this was processing and scanning fees were going out the door to labs in digital this became "Capture and Processing fees" which stayed in my pocket. I was spending 30k a year on film, processing, polaroid  and scanning. Third was the development of a reasonably priced full frame DSLR-the 5D.

I am far more profitable and productive with digital. And since there is no penalty for trying things in weird light, I tend to be more creative too.

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