Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Spouse Factor

Many photographers I know have had issues with their spouses. In this crazy and demanding life of a photographer a spouse can be a tremendous support or a stumbling block. Do they understand really what we do? For a transformative experience have him/her assist you for a day on a difficult shoot. Prior to that experience (she had no clue what I do of course-but she is a "creative"-she is a professional chef) I think my wife thought I just wandered around a site snapping photos and drinking coffee. What we do is very physically and mentally challenging. Show her by example. What is all the time in front of the computer about? Show her the before and after results of your Photoshop efforts to explain the endless hours in front of the computer. My wife is my biggest fan and I can't imagine surviving this brutal business (especially in this economy) without her.

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