Sunday, October 3, 2010

Composing Architectural Images

In the last thread Tonnes asked:
By the way Kirk, your image is beautifully composed. It would be great to hear more from you on the subject of composition.
Thanks for that comment Tonnes. I have to say that I have always had difficulty discussing composition. To me there are no rules. It is almost "when it feels right-its right". I know how lame that sounds to allot of people and it is not an intentional cop-out, but that is how I work. Here is an example from that same Reno shoot-one of my favorite detail shots of all time.

This is a detail of a rail in front, against a structural crossbeam, against the window frames with a sage covered hill in the background.

In a couple of days I will post this images predecessor which I carefully framed, exposed and then packed up the camera to move on to the next area. But I couldn't walk away from the scene-it felt unfinished-until I did the image above. See you soon!

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