Sunday, September 19, 2010

Have you been waiting for the Canon upgrades to the 90 and 45 T/S lenses? Lenses on par with the new 24T/S II and 17? Schneider jumps in with some mighty contenders!
Schneider T/S

According to recent reports from Photokina, these lenses have manual apertures, which at this price point is a real drag.


  1. Kirk -

    I shoot with a 5DmkII & 17-40mm f/4L. Zoom helps greatly in composing a shot, plus and I often mount a polarizer to reduce glare from floors & countertops. Typically I'll aim the camera down about 5 degrees or so to include more foreground/less ceiling, correcting verticals in post.

    Adobe Camera Raw does a good job of automatically eliminating purple fringing from the lens.

    The majority of my work is displayed on the web, which means scaling down the original 21mp image to something that is tiny in comparison.

    In your opinion, are any of these new T/S lenses worth investing in? At what point, resolution wise, are these lenses superior?

  2. Thanks Tonnes. I'm sure that works well for web purposes.

    As frequent readers to this blog know, I am a big believer in quality T/S lenses. To reiterate-to do truly professional level AP with a DSLR you have to take every step possible to maximize image quality. I'm talking about creating files that will work on the web, cover double truck magazine spreads, slide shows and look good at a decent size on the wall etc. That means minimizing camera movement, cropping, interpolation etc.

    The Canon 17 and new 24 T/S raised the bar for design and optical performance of T/S lenses. The 45 and 90 T/Ss were now do for an upgrade and I was prepared to do that. We will have to wait for tests of the Schneiders to come out so we can compare cost/performance/feature benefits, but lets face it Schneider knows how to make quality lenses. These are likely to be winners and a step above the existing Canon's in this range and the non-existent Nikon offers in this range.


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