Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tight Interiors

Interesting approach to a tight interior shoot By Craig Lamson. This basic technique I have used too, though not quite so involved-mainly to hide my strobe light sources by merging layers in PS:

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  1. Very intersting, thanks for posting this. Last week I did something similar. Travelling light, I had just one speedlight and a white umbrella and needed to shoot some large interiors. Walking through the interior and strategically holding the speedlight/umbrella, I shot multiple exposures using a Phottix Plato wireless camera remote and an iShoot PT-04 wireless system to fire the flash. (Both cheap - find them on ebay) Using this technique, each shot might only have a small region that's properly lit, but hopefully you've done enough exposures and properly aimed your umbrella so that you can assemble a final image that looks well lit. When working in photoshop, it's often quicker to do a feathered selection of the properly lit area and drag it to your working layered copy. A nifty trick: hold down the shift key while you drag your selection - it will go right to it's proper spot, perfectly aligned.


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