Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Portfolio-Fraction Magazine #6

Sorry so many posts are to do with my own PR. It has been keeping me very busy of late with more to come.

The fine online magazine, Fraction, did an issue on New Mexico photographers and included a nice little portfolio of my work, much of it vernacular and prehistoric architecture. Many thanks to editors David Bram and Joshua Spees. All of the work is 4x5 except the color interior which is a 5D stitch. See:

Issue #6

This image is of the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo designed by the Ant Farm.

Issue 6 is now up and running. Issue 6 focuses on some of our local New Mexico photographers. New Mexico has a long history of photography and photographers, from Ansel Adam's visits, to Laura Gilpin, and Elliot Porter. New Mexico has been an inspiration to many and we wanted to dedicate an issue to some of the photographers living and working in the state today. The issue includes work from Jeff Willis, Jim Stone, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Kirk Gittings, and Carlan Tapp. Two new book reviews are up and check out David Bram's APUG group show which went up last month as well as Melanie McWhorter's Dress Show if you haven't already seen them.
We have a lot more planned over the next couple of months including a new group show next month and our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY issue due out in May. That one should be a blow out as we have a lot planned for the issue. Also coming up we are going to be adding some books to the blog. We have been getting more and more books in the last few months to review and some are slipping through the cracks due to our lack of time available for reviews so we will be posting some great books on the blog to give you a chance to check them out.
Enjoy Issue 6 and as always thanks for looking.
Issue #6

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